Question: What services does e-generaltrader.com offer?

Answer:  e-generaltrader.com is basically an online store that sources a variety of products directly from our affiliates, producers and suppliers so as to offer them on sale at wholesale pricing for individuals and retailers.


Question: What is the process of making an order on e-generaltrader.com?

Answer:  Buy Now >>> view cart/add to cart >>>proceed to checkout (below cart totals). Now fill out your details and if you have read our Terms and Conditions and accepts, check the box and click Place order. Note: This process is purely for e-generaltrader.com’s onsite products. Some of our products may take you to an affiliate site which may have a different procedure for making a purchase. Also ensure that you create a strong password for your account.


Question: Do I need to sign-up to make a purchase?

Answer: No, you don’t need to sign-up to make a purchase though we highly recommend that you do. This would make it easy for you to track your orders.


Question: What payment methods does e-generaltrader.com accept?

Answer:  E-generaltrader.com currently accepts payments from all the major available credit cards via third party payment platforms hosted through our store, hosted by (woocommerce.com). Their processes are governed by the best and the most secure industry practices to ensure the security of your credit card and its details.


Question: Does e-generaltrader.com have access to my credit card details?

Answer: No. e-generaltrader.com has no access to your credit card details. Your credit card details are solely handled by our third party payment platforms via our store who simply receive payments on our behalf. Explained further, (e-generaltrader.com) only have access to your product or service order details. This includes, the amount and number ordered or downloaded and the amount paid (NOT THE CREDIT CARD DETAILS). Your card details are handled by the third party payment platforms. Read our https://e-generaltrader.com/privacy-policy/


Question: Which countries do you ship to?

Answer: We ship to almost every country except South Sudan and Syria. However, this may change from time to time.

Question: Do you accept international Credit Cards?

Answer:   Our payment gateways accept all the major credit cards around the world.

Question: How do I create an account? How can I recover/change my password? How do I update my account information?


Answer:   At the top of the page you can find “My Account” from where you can click on and create an account. Or click on this link (https://e-generaltrader.com/my-account/) to create your account.

Question: How can I recover/change my password and how do I update my account information?

Answer:   Once you create an account, you will be provided with an account dashboard. From your account dashboard you can manage everything about your account including editing your passwords, recent orders, your shipping, billing addresses and all other account details.

Question: Where can I track my order?

Answer:   If you have signed-up, a tracking code would be provided you when you make an order to enable you track the progress of your order.

Question: Can I cancel my order?

Answer:    Yes, you can always cancel an order from the dashboard of your account

Question:  I received damaged products what is your return policy? Will I get a refund?

Answer:    Depending on the nature of the purchased product, it may be returned or not and depending on your choice, the product may be replaced or a refund may be provided. We recommend that you read our full (Returns Policy:  https://e-generaltrader.com/refund-policy/) for detailed understanding.

Question:  Where do I ship returns?

Answer:    To return your product, you should mail or ship it to the return address on the package.


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