8 Signs Your Pregant Dog May Be In Labour Difficulty

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Your dog is pregnant and whether you are into breeding dogs for sale or simply can’t wait to welcome the new puppies into the family, it’s great news, right?? Normally with the right dog feeding, pre-natal care and good dog training, your pregnant dog should be fine and less aggressive after birth. But, like all pregnancies there can still be issues so here are a few things to look for. Remember to approach your Vet for immediate advice as soon as you notice these things.

  1. Loss of appetite

A pregnant dog may lose some appetite after 30 days of pregnancy. This loss of appetite should not affect her exuberant nature She should be able to still be lively, playful and hearty. However, if you notice a significant loss of appetite coupled with lack of enthusiasm, then it’s time to contact your vet. Example – There is no need to panic if she eats just about a quarter to half of her normal daily feed but if she goes for 2 days without food, then it is tie to call the vet.

  • Vaginal discharge

Vaginal discharge during pregnancy is normal as long as it’s occasional. However any continuous discharge associated with dullness beyond 3 days is abnormal and you should contact your vet immediately.

  • Over 70 Days of Pregnancy

Has your dog’s pregnancy gone beyond 70 days?? If it has, it might be time to induce birth so you should contact your vet immediately without fail.

  • Drop in temperature without birth

If everything is right on time and your pregnant dog is about to give birth within the 70 day period her temperature should drop within 24hrs to giving birth. You should notice strong contractions during this period. These contractions should not last beyond 2hrs. This is very normal so you shouldn’t worry. However, if she has not given birth within 24hrs after all these events, then it’s time to visit the vet. When going, take along a couple of puppies if you have any.

  • No puppy after vaginal discharge

The next stage after the major contractions would be for the puppies to arrive. However, your dog should have a green or red/brown vaginal discharge first. If the puppies do not arrive in 2hrs after the discharge, call your vet immediately.

  • Weak contractions between birth

Contractions between the births of each puppy should remain strong and should not go beyond 2hrs. If you notice weak contractions and a period that lasts beyond 2hrs, call your vet immediately.

  • Puppy at the edge of the vulva and not coming out.

Call your vet immediately if you notice that a puppy has taken too to ‘eject’ after arriving at the entrance of the vulva.

  • Second stage labor difficulty

Second stage labor is generally the period of giving birth, the actual arrival of the puppies after all other conditions (heavy contractions and vaginal discharge) have been fulfilled. Generally, this entire stage should not last for more than 12hrs. Contact your vet immediately if it goes beyond 12hrs.

If your pregnant dog doesn’t go through any of these difficulties, then congrats, you should have beautiful and healthy puppies. However, beyond these there is some postnatal care to do. A new dog mum can become aggressive towards its owner, even, without the right dog training. That is why we recommend this live and real time online dog training app by the best online dog trainer. It costs just $1 to start. Click this link >>> The Online Dog Trainer to check it out right now.

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