Dog Poison Alert! The Two Favorite Human Treats That Will Kill Your Dog.

We all love these treats, well most of us at least. They are also used in some of our favorite dishes, drinks, appetizers etc. What you don’t however know is that, these treats are, absolutely poisonous to dogs, albeit, one a stronger poison than the other. What are we talking about here?? Grapes and chocolates! Yes that’s right, grapes and chocolates! While grapes are an immediate poison, chocolates are more subtle.

Why are Chocolates and Grapes Poison To Dogs

The reasons vary. Grapes in any dosage can result in immediate and acute kidney failure. Expect Veterinarians have not been able to exactly pinpoint the reason for this phenomena but many suspect mould, pesticides, fertilizers etc. in grapes. Therefore no amount of grapes or any grape related food should be fed a dog.

On the other hand chocolates contain Theobromine which is very slow in metabolizing in dogs hence building up to toxic levels that can eventually convert into poison to kill your dog. This implies that the more chocolates a dog consumes the higher the toxic build-up. This also depends on the types of chocolates, though. We however recommend that you stay completely away from feeding your dogs these treats. The best is to always find foods manufactured for your dogs in a pet shop near you.

Most Pronounced Symptoms

  1. Grapes: Seizures, Tremors, Weakness, Vomiting, Diarrhea.
  2. Chocolate: Hyperactivity, Diarrhea, Tremors, Seizures, Irregular Heartbeat, Internal Bleeding or a heart attack

How To Keep Your Dog From Coming Into Contact With These Treats

Now that we know that we shouldn’t be feeding our dogs these treats, how do we keep them from coming into contact with them? First of all, your pet requires dog obedience training. How to train a dog can be as simple as A,B,C, if you follow these dog training techniques. You would learn some simple finger-tip dog commands that would make your dog obey you without hesitation so that it would never go near grapes and chocolates in the first place and would only eat what you provide. This training has it all in real-time. Click to read more >>>>Real-time Online Dog Training

  1. In the meantime make it a point to keep your house grape free. This includes foods made with grapes, raisins etc. Ensure that you dispose off used containers in tightly closed bins.
  2. Induce Vomiting as a form of first aid.
  3. Visit the Vet immediately afterwards.


As much as we all love to pet our dogs and treat them like we treat ourselves, it’s very important to always purchase foods purposely made for dogs. Of course every now and then, we can feed them what we eat but that should not be the norm. If you share this article, you would save the life of a dog.

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